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Great Falls, Montana
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This site is being developed to follow the restoration/renovation of the Gibson Mansion -
built in 1890 by William Roberts, designed by a Minneapolis architect for Valeria Goodenou Sweat Gibson, the lovely wife of the Honorable Paris Gibson......but while under renovation the ghosts started talking and that is where the story gets interesting!

>> Commericals, T.V. & Film.....

1.  ReelScout features 3 part story of the Gibson Mansion on Millionaires Row....

2.  GREAT STUFF™ Insulates the Town Founder Paris Gibson's Home

3.  Travel Channel - DEAD FILES - Episode 7 - Am I Crazy?

A Note From Kelly - owner of Gibson mansion

    This old mansion was grand in its day.  When I bought the place it was a run down 9 plex.  The minute I walked in the front door I knew I had to have it.  It was home.  Yes I am crazy!  It hasn't been a single family home for over 80 years.

    My thought was that once the old Gibson mansion that sits on millionaires row is complete I shall have many opulent and grand parties like those featured in the society pages in the 1890's. 

What I didn't anticipate is the reaction of the ghosts and the stories they have to tell. 

They seem to be most pleased that the old mansion has been turned back into a single family house just like it was when it was built. 

I had no idea my restoration adventure would turn into an exciting episode on the Travel Channel "Dead Files" - Am I Crazy? episode #7. 

I guess my job is not done until I reveal their secrets, which they have requested.


Town Founder Paris Gibson's Home - DEAD FILES - Episode 7 - Am I Crazy?         
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